CAD Drafting & BIM Modeling

Amicus Design Support Services provides full service CAD and BIM design. We support drafting and modeling as a firm, an outsourced team, or an on-site extension of your existing staff. We perform our work on a fixed-cost and fixed-timeline to increase your productivity. Use our services to reduce your overhead, efficiently handle peak demands, or eliminate the need for additional staff, training and software expenses. If there is a specific service you need we will work with you to develop protocol(s) appropriate to your business model.

Amicus provides an unparalleled flexibility to tailor our services to fit your existing practices and streamline processes through direct communication from our experienced staff. Our architectural designers produce documents according to the standards you specify and deliver final results based on scheduling timelines developed prior to project commencement. We can also partner with you to assist in fast-tracking priority projects and hand them over at a predetermined time.

CAD/BIM Services Include:

- Preliminary design and planning including fixture and office planning
- Design revisions, including redline support and client feedback
- Production of design development, construction, bidding, landlord and permitting drawings; this includes any revisions or modifications
- Detail assemblies and design custom elements
- Facilities planning, layout, and documentation.
- Scanning and conversion of existing paper drawings into electronic CAD or BIM ready drawings following your standards